Show #94

Riot Radio Show #94

Damn Broads- car bar
Acrylics- structure
The Cowboy- sneaking leaker
Neophobe- mania
Exotica- caminando
Downtown Boys- slumlord sal
Syndrome 81- n’oublie jamais
Barrel Kick- loud!
Orden Mundial- una estructura necesaria
Booji Boys- marky moon
Bad Example- celebrated ending
Joe Biden- downfall
Infant Mortality- dead town
Macho Boys- liar
Reptoides- ellos viven
Rakta- atrativos de mentira
Corner Boys- just don’t care
Trash Knife- i need something
No Time- never wrong
Urban Savage- darwin amongst the machines
Population Zero- forced cause
E.D.S.- stepped all over
Hez- agujas
Zorn- cemetery man
Odd- euthanasia
Plague Dogs- act of mercy
Damn Broads- suburbia
Grand Collapse- trapped

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