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Eggy’s Dead– A hard copy only submission based literary zine, with each issue being illustrated by an artist. To illustrate, help distribute, or submit writing, contact

Writing submissions can be Poetry, Short Stories, Short Plays, Essays, Excerpts, etc. fiction or non, and should not be more then around 3500 words.

Issues Printed:


Front Cover _mouth and friends 

1- Salvation Is A Swift Kick To Someone Else’s Nuts by Kevin Esposito
7- Solid State #1 by R. Weaver
10- Untitled No.1, 2015 by W.J. Hyatt
11- Two Poems by John James Wall
11- an excerpt from the zine Fake Interviews with Famous Men by Marissa Magic
14- Bad Mask by Matt Sweder
18- postcard by Mike McCreay
19- Lost by Anonymous
19- Manager Special by Mike Swigert
20- an excerpt from the book Commonwealth by W.A. Barton
23- Untitled No.2, 2015 by W.J. Hyatt
24- A Random Thought by Rashida Findlater
24- Hallucinating by Anonymous
25- Anouk of the Netherlands; or the Morning Star by John Ptacek
33- a note from the editors
35- Jerry’s Show by Hadi Hajizadeh



1- A Rural Mistake by R. Weaver
2- The Danger by Patrick Lamothe
5- This Machine Thanks You For Your Attention by Kevin Esposito
17- Untitled Poem #1 by John Ptacek
19- Untitled No. 4, 2016 by W. J. Hyatt
20- An Apology Script by R. Weaver
22- Bang by Patrick Lamothe
23- United Stakes Pt.1 by Don Fiction
28- Untitled No. 3, 2016 by W. J. Hyatt
29- GFU by R. Weaver
30- This Alone Will Always Be Surrounded by Patrick Lamothe
33- Untitled Poem #2 by John Ptacek
34- Untitled No. 5, 2016 by W. J. Hyatt