These are bands we play: .. A-Town Sluts, Ab Irato, Abject, Abserdo, Abuse, Acrylics, The Adhesives, The Adults, Aggressive Response, Agitator, Albion Gold, Albondigas, Alcohol Fueled, Alement, Anal Warhead, Ancient Filth, Animal Train, Antithought, A.S.D., The Apes Party, Appalachian Terror Unit, The Aristokoks, Askultura, Ass Piss, Attitude Era, Autistic Youth, The Averse, The Bad Doctors, Bad Energy, Bad Example, Bad Mouth, Bad Side, Ballistik, Balsall Heathens, The Barons, Barrel Kick, Los Bastards, Beak Lizzy, Big City Bombers, Bildo and the Reacharounds, Bitch’N’Dudes, The Black Marias, Black Thoughts, Blackout, Blackout Shoppers, Blank Spell, Blood Bomber, Blue Collar Convicts, Bonecrusher, Booji Boys, Born Wrong, Brain Tumors, Brassknuckle Boys, The Brat Attack, Breakout (Texas), Broadcast Zero, Broken Prayer, The Brood, The Broosevelts, Brutal Youth, Bucket Flush, Bumpin’ Tacos, By Any Means Necessary, Capital Crisis, Casanovas In Heat, Catastrophic Nonsense, Cell, Chapter 9, The Charley Few, Chronic Submission, Citizen Vicious, Civil Evacuation, The Class Assassins, The Class War Kids, Cleansing Wave, The Clozapines, Coffin’ Fit, Coffins Across Hiroshima, Combat Crisis, A Common Goal, Concrete, Congenital Death, Constant Doubt, Convicted Youth, Corner Boys, The Cowboy, The Cowboys, Creamers, Crippled Fox, Cult Values, The Cum Stains, Cut The Reins, Daily Ritual, Damn Broads!, Dark Thoughts, Davidians, Dead On The Streets, Dead People Screaming, Deadmen, Delinquents, Dennis Most & The Instigators, The Destructors, Dipers, Dirty + His Fists, Dirty Work, The Dirty Works, A Disco For Ferns, Disjawn, Distress Signal, DNR, Dive In The Box, The Dog Town Rebels, Doom Town, Doom Whore, Dopestroke, Downtown Boys, Dronez, Drug Shock, DSK, East End Radicals, Eastfield, Eat The Government, Eddie Brock, The Ejector Seats, E.D.S, Emeute Oi, Enamel, Escapist, Exotica, External Menace, Failed Mutation, Farler’s Fury, Feet First, A Fight With Sledgehammers, The Fighting 405, Filthy Twolips, Foreign Legion, Found Dead In Trunk, The Franceens, Fruit Punch, Fuck Attack, Fuck Detector, Fuckin’ Pissed, Future Primitive, G-Men, Gasmask Terror, Germ Attak, Go Die Scum, Gone Drinkin’, Grand Collapse, Guerrilleros De Nadie, Haldol, Haram, Hard Charger, Hardknocks, The Hated, He Who Cannot Be Named, The Headies, Hero Dishonest, HEZ, The Holidays, The Hot Things, Hounds And Harlots, Hub City Stompers, Huiabella Fantastica, Ill Gotten Gains, Ill Informed, Illegal Action, Immoral Discipline, The Imposters, Incisor, Infant Mortality, Infernoh, The Instigation, Interloper, Jaw Clencher, J.C.D., JJ Speedball, Joe Biden, Justice Blocc, King Street Terror, Kleins96, KnuckleHead, Koolidge, Laffing Life, Lapse, Latex, Laughing Stock, Lazy Class, Leather, Lebenden Toten, Left Over Kids, The Legacys, Lei Do Cao, Lighten Up, Lisa Doll And The Rock n’ Roll Romance, Lethal Overdose, Love Panther, Low Charge, M Section, Machine Gun Dolly, Macho Boys, The M.A.G.S., The Mad Doctors, Make Your Mark, Malokio, Manipulation, Manovalanza, Matilda’s Scoundrels, The McGunks, Mea Culpa, Media Blitz, Membrane, Menace, Metalleg, Meter Feeder, The Micronauts, Midnight Saints, Midnite Brain, Might Makes Right, Thee Mighty Fevers, Mindless Attack, The Miscreantz, The Missile Toads, Missiles of October, M.N.S., Mohawk Barbie, Mongoloid, Mongrel, Moshiach Oi!, The Mostly Dead, Munchausen, Murder City Hooligans, Mutant Genes, The Nackers, N.E.G, Neighborhood Brats, Nekromantiker, Negative Degree, Neo Cons, Neophobe, NERV, Nervous Aggression, The New Flesh, New Reality, Night Birds, Nightfall, Night Fever, Nihilist Cunt, 99 Bottles, No Comply, No Lessons Learned, No More Victims, No///Se, No Thrills, No Time, Noise Complaint, Nomad, Nuclear Special Forces, Nuklear Blast Suntan, Odd, Oldfashioned Ideas, 1/4 Dead, Operation Neptune Spear, Orden Mundial, Pale Heads, The Panix, Pantychrist, Paranoias, Parasites, The Parasitix, Pageripper, Penetrode, Perfect Pussy, Plague Dogs, PMT, Population Zero, The Pre-Nods, Pretty Bullshit, Pretty Hurts, Prins Carl, Proletariat Punch, Pussy Collector, Rad Company, Rakta, The Rebel Dead, The Rebel Spell, Reptoides, Retching Red, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Ritual Control, Rogue Trooper, Rashomon, The Rotten, Rough on Rats, Round Eye, Royal Oi!, Rubbish, Rubics, Rudest Priest, The Rum Fits, The Runs, S-21, Sale Gauloise, School Damage, The Screwballz, Scum, Seaside Rebels, Seeing Snakes, Seizure Crypt, Self Conscious, Set Aside, Sexually Retarded, The Shame, Shameless, Sheer Contempt, Sickoids, Signals, Silent Order, Siren Songs, Skaphism, Skeptic, Skinfull, Skitkrieg, Skullians, Skunx, Slicing Grandpa, Slimy Member, Slugz, Snag, Snakehole, Society’s Ill’s, The Sofistifucks, Sonny Vincent and Bad Reactions, SOS, Soul Glo, Sound Off, The Sound of Failure, Spanner, Spanyurd, SpEd, Spent Flesh, Spew, Sputnic, Start At Zero, The Stasi, State Violence, Stereo Atomico, Stillborn, Stillsuit, Stoic Violence, Stomping Ground, Stray Sheep, Stray Wolfs, Stupidity, Subsistance, Suicidal Sacrifice, Suicidas,  Syndrome 81, Systematik, Temporal Sluts, Terminals, Thing Sloth, Tight Bros, To Be Hated, Trash Knife, The Trowels, Tukatukas, TV Crime, 12 Soap, The 2-4’s, Ultra, Unavoidable, Upchuck Norris, Urban Savage, La URSS, The Vignettes, Violent Affair, Vulgar Manor, War Emblem, Wärters schlEchte, Wayward Ones, Wiener And The Beans, William Quan, Whiskey Shits, White Load, Wild At Heart, Wimp Talk, Yesterday’s Heroes, Youth Avoiders, Youth of Togay, Youths,  Yum-Yuckers, Zex, Zlo, Zorn, and many more to come


Here are some record labels that have contributed: Badmaster, B.H.J., Breathmint, Collision Course, Crowd Control Media, Dig My Grave, Drunken Sailor, Eaglebauer Enterprises, 1859, 86’d, Graves End, Havoc House, Hostile Input, My Fingers My Brains, Primator Crew, Rebel Time, Rebel Sound Music, Recluse, Rowdy Farrago, Ryvvolt, Sabotage, Slugsalt, Suburban White Trash, T.N.S., Taken By Surprise, This Fucking City, Trend Is Dead!, Vicious Mistress, Violated, World Gone Mad