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NExt Show!!!

For all you who missed the live show the podcast will be up soon. It was a helluva good show. We got a mascot now!!!!! Stay tuned for more goobins!!!

Z Radio Limbo

I wish we had a Limbo stick, but instead we just don’t have a place to broadcast. Our Headquarters is floating right now. We’ll be back just not sure how soon. Hopefully, by next week. Any bars want a special Z Radio broadcast happen from their business just let me know. I’ll be there with music and a thirsty gullet.

In the meantime listen to old stuff. There’s tons of it.

Z Radio Is Taking A Break For A Couple Weeks

Due to a week long tour (Phi-Phenomena Tour)

So we won’t be doing the show this week or next week. Lots of live recordings will follow.

We’ll be back 9/19/2011

Until then check out our older shows.

No More 24/7 Broadcast

Sorry folks + kids, but due to crappy internet situations I no longer feel I can do the 24/7 broadcast. There will still be a regular live broadcast each week, and the podcast will continue. No one really listened to the 24/7 thang anyway.

No Z Radio Tonight!

No Z Radio tonight. We’ll be at the show at the Book Space

So go to the show and win prizes. The people playing are:

Antler Piss
Savage Relatives
People Skills
Cloud Dweller

with DJ Dubins spinning and giving away prizes.

Z Radio Doing it Monday night this week

We’re gonna go record a super swell show at the recovery house in philly tonight. So instead we’ll do our live show Monday the 2nd for all of you’s who care. We’ll of course have live recordings for you to drool over and blow out your ears to. So stay tuned we gonna bring it hard.

– mgmt

No Z Radio Tonight

No Z Radio tonight. Kevin is away making the world a better place for army navy supplies. We’ll be back next weekend. Till then enjoy the 24/7 broadcast at

Z Radio Show Tonight A Bit Different

Z Radio will be sans Kevin tonight. He’s in Texas selling army surplus like a madman. He’ll have some stories when he gets back I’m sure. So I’m gonna do it a little different tonight. Starting at 9pm and going to 10pm I will be doing Z Radio but a bit different. At least that’s the goal. So Tune in Tonight at 9pm for Z Radio on the 24/7 broadcast link, just click the deer.

Z Radio New Look and New Schedule

Hey kids!!! We got a new look and a new show schedule. You can now listen to the live show on Sunday’s from 8pm to 10pm. Just click the deer on the 24/7 broadcast page and he’ll take care of ya. More archiving and what not are sure to come. So sit tight and listen up!!!!

Gonna Do Our Best To Put It All Up Here!

Stay Tuned We’ll do it! Slowly, but surely.