Z Radio Show # 342

Hey kids!!! Z Radio has changed their schedule and will be Sunday Nights now. We also had a special in studio performance by Dead Bastard. So Listen up and enjoy all the lovely tunes.

1. Dead Bastard – Live In Studio at Z Radio
2. Poino – Previous He
3. Kirameki – Sayonora Gangsters
4.The Brainhole – Nothing (Feels Like)
5. Bermuda Triangles – Cannibal Planet
6. Deus Otiosus – Wall of violence
7. El Mutante – Sonido 1
8.  Pink Priest – Cat Tails
9. Graffiti island – Pet Snake
10. Hair_loss – Melanoma
11. Microwaves Killed Johnnie Cochran – Eat The Cat!
12. Owl dreams & Shinobu – Tickling of the Crown Chakra
13. Rainbow Party – Hoom Boot
14. McCord – New Tape Burner
15. Sinus Buds – That Jaw Which Is Destroyed
16. Bagpipe Whiskey – Horsebite Featuring Chloe Laing
17. Distress Signal – Drone
18. Whales – Piste 01
19.Finney, Matt/Yerkes, Randy – Lark
20.Trans Atlantic Rage – Eyes of The Ultimate Observer
21. Nerve City – Saved
22. .you hack the aye – Koyaanisqatsi
23. Two Dollars Out The Door – Unknown Track 1 from Side B of a record I found with no jacket
24. Arabian Horses – Untitled 3

Gonna Do Our Best To Put It All Up Here!

Stay Tuned We’ll do it! Slowly, but surely.


Z Radio Show #10

Zradio bringing a new artist to you, Uncle Majik. Many other artistsas well Joky Jones and The Unones, The Fitz Blitz, Dragon Lazer, The Twats, Devcakes, etc… So Listen up! Also, the Deer made an appearance taking care of some intros for us. We love that Deer.

Z Radio Show #9

Z Radio doing a last minutes special Album Debut segment. This one goes out to Dragon Lazer. Z Radio received in the mail the latest release from Dragon Lazer. It will make all the bitches come to you and lick your inner thighs. Also, new artist from the label fflint in the UK. They are a noise and electronic experimental label. We are very grateful and love the stuff they have to offer so listen up. Also the Fitz Blitz and a few other regulars of Z Radio. So Listen Up!!!

Z Radio Show #8

Z Radio being Z Radio like never before. Not really I’m just making shit up. TISM is a new band featured tonight. The Fitz Blitz, Empty Space, Devcakes, PUKEBRAIN, Ancient Pistol, The Twats, and more. So listen Up! This show will lull you to bed so don’t forget to go to iTunes and subscribe today!

Z Radio Show #7

Z Radio bringing same old same old to ya. Fitz Blitz, PUKEBRAIN, The Twats, The Jailhags and more. Convo econo as usual. Dj Jonny Wray, DJ Kevin, special guest Dj Homer Simpson and mike. Listen Up! and Listen Well.

Z Radio Show #6

Z Radio bringing the freshest tracks from Thee Headless Legless Maggots, The Fitz Blitz, Bonds To Skin, and Ancient Pistol. Convo ecno as always. Listen up and listen good it’s Z Radio!

Z Radio Show #5

Zradio playing The Twats, Ancient Pistol, The Fitz Blitz, Pukebrain, Tamula dropping in. Listen Up!

Z Radio Show #4

Z Radio playing some Empty Space, Thee Headleass Legless Maggots, and The Fitz Blitz. Not much in the convo department. Just lots of music to listen to and maybe even dance if you get the urge. Live it up ya bastards!

Z Radio Show #3

Z Radio bring raw action for your ears. The Jailhags, The Fitz Blitz, Pukebrain, Empty Space and lots more. Download this and take it with you. DJ Jonny Wray with special guest DJ Mike Betzal. We bring it to you so you can be a lazy fuck! Listen UP!

Z Radio Show #2

Zradio and Zobnoba Records getting together to play some of The Fitz Blitz, and The Jailhags. Doin a bit of the convo econo style. Listen UP!

Z Radio Show #1

Z Radio and Zobnoba Records have combined powers to bring you all the Zobnoba and fresh artist available at no cost. The only thing you lose is your dignity. As long as we’re all in the same boat I’m happy. So listen up and enjoy. Let us know what you liked, hated, and if you’ve got something you want people to hear. We’re all ears here. I’m serious.
1. The Fitz Blitz – 245 Trioxin
2. The Fitz Blitz – Get Wasted
3. The Fitz Blitz – Box Truck Kids
4. The Fitz Blitz – Crazy Lady
5. The Fitz Blitz – Fratboy
6. The Fitz Blitz – New Dawn In Horror
7. Thee Headless Legless Maggots – She’s a Whore Part 1
8. She’s a Whore Part 2 – Thee Headless
9. A Song for Tamula – The Fitz Blitz
10. Old Grey Mare